Super 3d pen

1 of MYNT3D SuperPack PLA 3D Pen Filament Refills, 32 Colors, 10m Each, Over 1kg. (699) $45.92 ($0.04 / Foot) Huge 32 color box of PLA filament for 3D pens, over 1kg weight (1050 linear feet) 1.75mm ±0.03, ultra high tolerance resistance to jams and clogs. Specialty colors: metallics, glow in the dark, color changing, transparent and.

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3D Pen Beginner Butterfly and Dragonfly Project. 4 years ago. MYNT3D. Make beautiful stained glass style butterflies and dragonflies with the.




Full mesh,no holes,no problems. A size of pen place is a bit smaller for standrt wacom pen in 64 cm size (it also for classic pens).Make it 70 cm or more and enjoy. I printed it in 0.1 mm resolution and 100% fullnes. marvel. deadpool. comic. cartoon. pen. wacom.

PIKA3D SUPER 3D PRINTING PEN. Go beyond the world of 2D drawing with PiKA3D. Kids can build their PiKA character and then construct elements to expand its world. With the PiKA3D Super 3D pen, they’ll start by creating simple, 3D shapes that serve as the building blocks to more complex design thinking..

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